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Walther's Cornerstone Kits
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Walthers Cornerstone Kits are easily assembled, most cast in multi-color plastic as appropriate. Please be aware that any figures, vehicles or trains illustrated are NOT included in the kits.

Latest additions to the Cornerstone series from Walthers
#3861 - Central Beverage Distributors w/Office Annex

Build new business for your N Scale railroad with the Walthers Cornerstone Central Beverage Distributors with Office Annex! Perfect for modeling all types of modern light industry or warehouse operations, features of this detailed structure kit include:

  • Contemporary steel warehouse and brick office structures
  • Large warehouse with weather bellows-seals for rail and truck docks
  • Molded cut lines for easy warehouse customizing
  • Rooftop cooling units, vents and air conditioners
  • Molded in three colors and clear plastic
  • Printed office interior
  • Printed billboard signs for three different distributors
    Kit - 10-9/16 x 4-11/16 x 2-1/4" 26.8 x 11.9 x 5.7cm
    * Vehicles, figures, scenery items and railroad equipment shown are not included
Central Beverage Distributors w/Office Annex Kit
ITEM # WA-3861 -

List $44.98

#3835 - Hole-In-One Donut Shop Kit
#3836 - Diamond Coal Corporation Kit
* Fits 1950s to Present Day
 * Unique Addition to any Busy Suburb
 * Eye-Catching Rooftop Donut
 * Three Walk-up & Large Front Windows
 * Colorful Decal Signs
 Preproduction model shown assembled with hand-painted details. Donut comes undecorated!
* Space-Saving Design for Layouts Big or Small
 * Authentic Tipple for Steam or Diesel Eras
 * Typical of Coal Loaders Across the US
 * Conveyor & Supports for Above- or Below-Ground Operations
 * Serves Two Loading Tracks, Separate Slack Bin
 * Finely Detailed |Corrugated Metal} Construction
 * Separate Windows, Walkway & Stairs
 * Printed Signs, Kit Molded in 2 Colors
Hole-In-One Donut Shop Kit
ITEM # WA-3835

List $24.98

Diamond Coal Corporation Kit
ITEM # WA-3836

List $49.98

#3837 - Metro Power & Light
* Realistic Design in a Size that Fits Most Layouts
 * Typical of Coal-Fired Power Plants in Service 1980s to Present
 * Tall Smokestack
 * Detailed |Metal} Siding
 * Rooftop Vents
 * Molded in 3 Colors & Clear Plastic
Kit - Generating Plant: 9-7/16 x 4-11/16 x 10-5/8" 23.9 x 11.9 x 26.9cm
* Vehicles, figures, scenery items and railroad equipment shown are not included
Metro Power & Light Kit
ITEM # WA-3837 -

List $59.98

Walther's Cornerstone N Scale Structure Kits - Previous Releases
#3222 - Mijack Transmodal Crane
#3227 - Backshop Kit
Mijack Transmodal Crane Kit
ITEM # WA-3222

List: $34.95

Backshop Kit
ITEM # WA-3227

List: $41.98

#3230 Co-Op Storage Shed
#3236 Mountain Lumber Co. Sawmill
Co-Op Storage Shed Kit
ITEM # WA-3230 - Multiple Signs are included in kit

List: $24.95

Mountain Lumber Sawmill Kit
ITEM # WA-3236

List: $64.98

#3237 Superior Paper Company
#3245 Ice House & Icing Platform
Superior Paper Company Kit
ITEM # WA-3237

List: $99.98

Ice House & Icing Platform Kit
ITEM # WA-3245

LIST: $34.98

#3246 Golden Flame Fuel Co.
#3251 Valley Growers Association
Golden Flame Fuel Company Kit
ITEM # WA-3246

List: $49.98

Valley Growers Association Kit
ITEM # WA-3251

List: $41.98

#3252 Variety Printing
#3257 Union Station
Variety Printing Kit
ITEM # WA-3252

List: $29.98

Union Station Kit
ITEM # WA-3257

List: $64.98

#3258 - Butterfly Station Platform Station
#3803 Santa Fe Style Brick Depot Kit
Parkview Terrace Kit
ITEM # WA-3263

LIST: $32.98

Santa Fe Style Brick Depot Kit
ITEM # WA-3803

List: $49.98

#3815 City Water Tower
#3816 Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit
City Water Tower Kit
ITEM # WA-3815

List: $34.98

Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit
ITEM # WA-3816

List: $27.98

#3824 Classic Car Restoration
#3845 Vintage Dairy Queen
Classic Car Restoration Kit
ITEM # WA-3824

List: $34.98

Vintage Dairy Queen Kit
ITEM # WA-3845

List: $29.98

Walther's Turntable/Roundhouse

New! Modern 130' N Scale Turntable
Click on photo above for details on Walther's New N Scale Turntable

  • Modern N Scale Roundhouse with Add-On Stalls
    This Modular Roundhouse. Features:
  • American Prototype - Fully Assembled
  • Holds Engines up to 125 Scale Feet Long
  • Includes Stall for Longer Engines -- up to 145 Scale Feet Long.
  • Modular Design -- Easily expanded to a full circle using #3261 Add-on Stalls
  • Compact 10 Degree Stall Spacing
  • Both Interior and Exterior Brick Detail ... Fine Window Details
  • Floor Inspection Pits -- Decal Signs Included.
Modern Roundhouse, Modular Kit
ITEM # WA-3260

List $69.98

Modern Roundhouse, Modular 3 Add-On Stalls Kit
ITEM # WA-3261

List $59.98

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