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Another new offering from Trainworx:

Trainworx is now shipping a very limited editiona Budweiser beverage truck. Quantities are extremely limited - we are being allocated / don't know how many we will end up with but it won't be much. We are limited sales of 1 / customer. Don't expect to be able to cover all orders we will get - first come / first served. They should be here in about 10 days or less. Orders cannot be "held" or "combined" -- will ship separately as soon as received.

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Special Offer ... only $6.95 shipping
on Budweiser Beverage Truck orders.

This is an extremely limited edition Peterbilt 379 with 40' corrutaged Budweiser beverage trailer. Strict limit of 1/customer.
Thank you for the overwhelming response.
Unfortunately - we alrealdy have more orders than expected product arriving -- so we are not taking any additional orders at this time.

Vern Henderson 351 Logger
ITEM # TW-57977 - Limit 1/Customer

List: $64.95

Custom Truck Series -- Previous Releases -- Limited!

This 1956 Peterbilt 351 logger was owned by Wesley LaVern (Vern) Henderson of Pendleton Oregon. It had a 220 Cummins with 3x5 transmission. It received many paint jobs in its life, this is the final Vern Henderson paint scheme.
 "I got to ride in this truck as a boy every once in a while, though my mom thought it was always too dangerous... some of my best memories of growing up. I distinctly remember my dad shifting the 'Brownie' gears with both hands and steering with his knee! Dad would have been proud tosee his old truck as a model. He loved collecting 1:18 die cast 'old cars'--I have most of his collection of those still."(Gary Henderson)

Vern Henderson 351 Logger
ITEM # TW-55180 -

List: $37.95

This 1973 Kenworth K100 was owned by John Zwergel. It was set up with a 350 Cummins, 4.33 rears and Dayton wheels.

"I always had the Dayton wheels. I hauled mostly steel and watermelons and was usually overweight. I found the best tire for me was Michelin. Running in the south, the roads could get really hot and with Michelins I never blew a tire. This is stirring memories from probably the best time in my life."(John Zwergel)

John Zwergel Kenworth K100
ITEM # TW-51081

List: $37.95

This custom heavy haul Peterbilt was owned by John Patten.

"The edited truth!! This custom heavy-haul Peterbilt owned
John Patten! This yellow truck was my last 'Pete'.  The drive-train was a CAT engine (well tuned) in front of a 6x4 transmission on a 300 inch wheelbase.  Lots of heavy-haul power!!" (John Patten)

John Patten Heavy Haul Pete
ITEM # TW-57982
- Limit 1/Customer

List: $37.95

Mike Sabia from New Jersey owned this custom KW with 3406 CAT engine.  "ON MY STEEL HORSE I RIDE" is on the back of the sleeper.  These are lyrics from (Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive).  Wanted Dead or alive?  There must be more to this story but Mike won't say.


"If you notice, it says "SECRET WEAPON" on the sleeper (my CB handle).  NO PROBLEM!  The reason I put that on the bug shield is I was a big fan of the comedy ALF in the '80's.  If you remember, that was ALF's saying for everything.  I also had a stuffed ALF doll hanging in the passenger side window."(Mike Sabia)

Mike Sabia Kenworth W900
ITEM # TW-59083

List: $37.95

This 1997 Peterbilt was specified for light weight with the highest horsepower possible and maximum longevity.  The truck was owned and operated by Camionnette, Ltd. (camionnette, is a French word for little truck) which was a small fleet of tractor trailers, owned by Sandy and Kris Smith, hauling dry bulk Portland cement and other commodities.


"A Caterpillar C-13 (electronic 3306 engine) was used with a light weight 13 speed transmission and lighter weight drive line components all to save weight and increase payload. A "Day Bunk" 36 inch sleeper was specified along with smaller fuel tanks, and aluminum components from the front bumper to the cab.  The weight savings added up to over 5000 pounds compared to a truck bought two years earlier.  The smaller engine and lighter empty weight yielded 1 mile per gallon fuel economy over it's bigger brother with a Cat C-15 (3406) engine.  The greater payload made this truck a financial winner even if it arrived at the concrete plant 10 minutes after it's sister truck with the larger engine.  The truck accumulated over 980,000 miles prior to being sold and with no major engine repairs required and a rust free cab and frame structure."(Sandy Smith)

Sandy Smith Peterbilt
ITEM # TW-57984

List: $37.95

This beautiful 2001 blue Peterbilt 379 was bought new by Mark Morris in 2000.  It is powered by a CAT 6NZ C15 engine.  Custom work on the truck was performed by Truck Rods, part of Peterbilt of Joplin Missouri.  

"Should never have traded it.  The new owner has over 1 million miles on it.  He keeps the truck in a

heated barn during the winter." (Mark Morris)

Mark Morris Peterbilt 379
ITEM # TW-57985

List: $37.95

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