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N Scale Structure Kits
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N Scale Architect -- Structure Kits

Elkton Creek Smelter Kit

Back in 1991, we came out with our very first kit, the 'Elkton Creek Smelter'.  Now, 25 years later, we are reintroducing this N-Scale kit in a laser-cut format that features more detail, improved materials and simpler construction.


This 'Elkton Creek Smelter' kit was inspired by the Elkton Mine in the Cripple Creek Mining District of Colorado which first opened in1894. The Elkton Mine became one of the largest mines in the Cripple Creek area yielding more than $16 Million in gold​ ​​before it permanently closed in 1956.​  At it’s peak Elkton had over 3,000 residents and was served by three railroads, the Florence & Cripple Creek, the Midland Terminal  and the Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek as well as an electric street car line.  Today, remnants of this once bustling town can still be found just north of Victor, Colorado. 


The completed display shown in the attached photos measures approximately 13¼”L x 8"W x 5½"H  4.50"L x 4.25"W.  This kit (Item# 10040) retails for $145.95

The photos above do not do this kit justice. For additional details, please click on the "cameras" below.

Click on camera above for additional photost
Click on camera above for detailed schematic

Elkton Creek Smelter Kit
ITEM # NSA-10040 - Laser Cut

List: $145.95

Boston & Maine Johnsonville Tower Kit
The prototype for the Johnsonville Tower kit is located in Johnsonville, New York at the former junction of the Boston and Maine Railroad’s (B & M’s) East-West Mainline and its Troy, New York Branch.  Not only was this junction home to B & M freight and passenger trains making connections to the New York Central Railroad over the Troy Branch, but it was also frequently used by the Delaware and Hudson (D & H) and Rutland Railroads.  Johnsonville Tower was built in 1931 as part of the B & M’s initial investment in Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) and was retired in 1962 when CTC functions were further consolidated into Greenfield, Massachusetts.  This tower was used for storage until the mid-1970's when it was abandoned.  The laser-cut brick pieces featured in this kit are created from our “Model Builder’s Supply Line” styrene building sheets and the foundation is created from “Taskboard”, a wood fiber building material, that is also part of our “Model Builder’s Supply Line". 2" (L) x 1 1/2" (W) x 2" (H).

Boston & Maine Johnsonville Tower Kit
ITEM # NSA-JTN000 - Laser Cut

List: $69.95

NYCS/B&A Standard Wooden Tower Kit
This NYCS/B&A ‘Standard’ Wooden Tower kit is based on a NYC&HRRR standard design that was used from the late 1800's into the early 1900's with several examples lasting into the 1960's.  Variations of this design were used on the Boston & Albany and several New York Central System Divisions including the Harlem, Putnam, West Shore and Hudson.  This kit is mostly based on the as-built design of Tower 65 which stood in Chatham, New York.  Our thanks to Dan Seligmann and the New York Central System Historical Society (NYCSHS) for their research assistance.This kit features step-by-step text supplemented with in-progress construction photos and a full set of elevation & plan view diagrams.  The kit structure is fully supported by an interior wall system (no strip wood needed !) and the exterior shake shingles are applied as a single self-stick laser-etched piece rather than tedious strip-by-strip application.

NYCS/B&A Standard Wooden Tower Kit
ITEM # NSA-10032 - Laser Cut

List: $59.95

Conway Roundhouse
Inspired by the roundhouse still in use by the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, New Hampshire. This roundhouse model provides one(1) 7 inch stall and three(3) 5 inch stalls.  It can be used with turntables from 5.5" to 10.375" diameter including those from  ​​Walther's, Heljan, Kato, Peco, Atlas and Bachmann. Figures are NOT included.

Conway Roundhouse Kit
ITEM # NSA-10024 - Laser Cut

List: $59.95

Rockingham Junction: Station and Freight Shed
Rockingham Junction is located on the town line between Newfields & Newmarket, New Hampshire at what was the junction point of Boston & Maine’s Portsmouth - Manchester Branch and its Portland - Boston Main Line.  Built prior to 1850, the Rockingham Station and Freight Shed still survive today along the rails of Gilford (PanAm) Transportation.  This laser-cut micro-plywood kit includes both the Station (3 1/4" 4 1/4") and Freight House (4" x 2 1/2").  Step-by-step instructions with scale drawings and assembly photos are also included. Figures are NOT included.

Rockingham Junction Kit
ITEM # NSA-10022 - Laser Cut

List: $69.99


Worcester Union Station Kit
This kit was developed from actual architectural drawings of the renovated station. It includes a 11" x 17" sheet of photo-etched brass windows, grill work and canopies, over 100 metal and resin custom castings, full color “stained glass” glazing and seven(7) 11" x 17" micro-plywood sheets of laser-cut pieces. At over 36,000 SQUARE SCALE FEET this is likely the largest N-Scale kit ever produced !!!
Kit includes:
Laser-cut plywood construction
Full Step-by-Step Instructions
Scale Drawings & Photos
Metal & Resin Detail Castings
Full color "Stained Glass" Glazing
Over 1,000 Pieces for Your Enjoyment

Worcester Union Station Kit
ITEM # NSA-10020 - Laser Cut

LIST: $299.95

Gruber Wagon Works is the latest Laser-Cut Micro-Plywood release from N Scale Architect. Complte with step-by-step instructions, scale drawings and photos. Area approx 7 1/4" L x 6" W x 2 3/4" H.
Gruber Wagon Works Kit
ITEM # NSA-GWN017 - Laser Cut

LIST: $79.95

Burlington Marble & Slate was inspired by slate, limestone, blue stone, granite and marble finishing mills that existed across the United States since the early 1800's. The use of these materials declined and by the middle of the 1900's many of these mills were closed. N Scale model measures approximately 14"L x 6"W x 3"H. Blocks of stone are brought from the quarry on specialized wagons that ride on a narrow gauge track system (M-TRAK) which is not included.

M-TRAK and the scenic details shown are not included but will be available separately at a later date from BLW.
Burlington Marble & Slate Kit
ITEM # NSA-10016 - Laser Cut 

LIST: $155.95

  • Laser-Cut Micro-Plywood
  • Self-Stick Laser-Cut Brickwork
  • Full color roofing sheeting
  • Scale Drawings
  • Assembly Photos
  • Designed from NHRR Records & Photos for accuracy.
3 1/2 "L x 2 3/4 W x 1 3/4" H.
#10015 New Haven Cranston Station
New Haven Cranston Station Kit
ITEM # NSA-10015 - Laser Cut 

LIST: $59.95

3"L x 1 1/4 W x 2 3/4" H.
4"L x 2 1/4W x 2 1/2"H.
#10014 Pennsylvania AR Tower
#10011 Pennsylvania MG Tower
Pennsylvania AR Tower
ITEM # NSA-10014 - Laser Cut 

LIST: $79.95

Pennsylvania MG Tower
ITEM # NSA-10011 - Laser Cut 

LIST: $69.95

#10013 Central of New Jersey Station
#10012 Reading Standard Tower
Reading Standard Tower Kit
ITEM # NSA-10012 - Laser Cut 

LIST: $49.95

Central of New Jersey Standard Station Kit
ITEM # NSA-10013 - Laser Cut 

LIST: $89.98

N Scale Architect Long Valley Lumber Kit
Long Valley Lumber Company Kit
ITEM # NSA-LVN04 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $145.98

#N001 Alto Tower Kit
#N002 Branchville Station Kit
Alto Tower Kit
ITEM # NSA-N001 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $69.95

Branchville Station Kit
ITEM # NSA-N002 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $69.95

Williamstown Coal Company
  • Step-by Step Instructions
  • Scale Drawings/Photos
  • Custom detail parts
  • Full color roofing and window glazing
  • Tab/Slot Self Stick
  • Based on Pennsylvania's Alto Tower
  • Area: 5" L x 3 1/2 W x 4" H
  • Coal trucks shown are now available separately from BLW. See below.
Williamstown Coal Kit
ITEM # NSA-N003 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $99.95

Coal Delivery Truck Kit
ITEM # MAS-028 - Cast White Metal Vehicle Kit

LIST: $12.95

#101 New Greendel Station and Tower Kit - LaserCut offering!
Greendel Station and Tower Kit
ITEM # NSA-101 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $59.98

#10010 Hanaford Mills
#997 Key Lime Company - Discontinued!
#LVR009 Lehigh Valley Tower
Hanaford Mills
ITEM # NSA-10010 - Laser Cut

LIST: $69.95

Lehigh Valley Standard Tower
ITEM # NSA-LVR009 - Laser Cut

LIST: $49.95

#NHN 1005 NH Tower
#073 Quality Meat Stock Yard -
New Haven Tower
ITEM # NSA-NHN005 - Laser Cut

LIST: $45.95

Quality Meat Stock Yard Kit
ITEM # NSA-073 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $49.98

#053 Rode-A-Way Transfer Company
#502 Sheffield Farms Creamery
Rode-A-Way Transfer Company
ITEM # NSA-053 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $59.98

Sheffield Farms Creamery Laser Kit
ITEM # NSA-502 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $69.95

#900 Union City Station
#WFN007 Waterville Freight House
#WSN007 Waterville Shanty
Union City Station Laser Kit
ITEM # NSA-900 - Laser Cut Master Craftsman Series

LIST: $85.98

Union City Station Platforms kit
ITEM # NSA-901 - Includes Two 11' Platforms to extend above.

LIST: $24.98

Waterville Freight House Kit
ITEM # NSA-WFN007 - Laser Cut Micro-Plywood Kit

LIST: $59.95

Waterville Shanty Kit
ITEM # NSA-WSN007 - Laser Cut Micro-Plywood Kit -

LIST: $9.98

Journeyman Series of Kits
Though this new series of kits are smaller, they still have all the features of our larger Master Craftsman Series.Our laser-cut wood kits feature comprehensive instructions with a complete set of actual-size elevation and floor plan drawings that are complimented by step-by-step text, tips & techniques and assembly photos. We exclusively use micro-plywood in our kits because of its superior durability and resistance to warping versus milled basswood sheets. A system of tabs and slots is used to reduce errors in construction and to produce a sturdier model. Self-stick adhesive is applied to allow for quick and easy installation of windows, doors, glazing and trim pieces. Laser-etched lines create a more interesting model with siding grooves, individual planking, nail holes and low-relief carving detail as well as being used as a guide to position overlaid architectural details.

Many of our kits feature custom-made castings from Fine-N-Scale, P&D Marsh, Shire Scenes, and the Tichy Group. High quality corrugated aluminium sheets from Williams Brothers, Builders-In-Scale, and our own full-color shingle, tile, and rolled roof paper provide a wide range of roofing options. Further detail is provided by our pre-sized glazing sheets that simulate stained glass, metal framing and interior safety bars. When indicated, figures and vehicles are also included.

The Grover Cleveland Mine is a composite of several small mining operations dating from the early 1900’s to the 1960’s. These mines varied in the minerals that they produced ranging from coal to precious metals. The Head Frame allows ore to be pulled up from the mine shaft using a steam engine located in the Hoist House. This ore is then pushed by men or pulled by horses up to Load-Out Platform and dumped into a hopper car that will be taken to the local processing mill.
The East Stroudsburg Tower kit is based on the DL&W (Lackawanna) interlocking tower located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1908 and is the only wooden DL&W interlocking tower still standing. The East Stroudsburg Railroad Tower Society is planning to restore this largely intact tower to operating condition as an interpretative museum.
#G204 Grover Clevalend Mine
#G304 East Stroudsburg Tower
Grover Cleveland Mine Laser Kit
ITEM # NSA-G204 - Laser Cut Journeyman Series

LIST: $45.95

East Stroudsburg Tower Laser Kit
ITEM # NSA-G304 - Laser Cut Journeyman Series

LIST: $39.95

Andrews’ Auto & Gas represents a typical small automobile repair garage and gas station found anywhere in the United States from the 1930’s to the present. It represents a composite of several prototype structures as based on photographs from this period. The sign sheet included with this kit allows the modeler the flexibility to better determine the exact period that this model represents. There are also plenty of detail parts included to “junk-up” this roadside scene
#G404 Andrews Auto & Gas
Andrews Auto & Gas Laser Kit
ITEM # NSA-G404 - Laser Cut Journeyman Series

LIST: $45.95

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