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Map Pricing Policy
What is MAP Pricing?
MAP stands for "Minimum Advertised Pricing".
Why "MAP"?
To quote Kato, USA.
"... we have determined that we shall not support advertising ... or promotional materials that have the effect of diminishing or detracting from the perceived value of Kato products. We have implemented this MAP policy to preserve our reputation for providing customers with high quality and valued products. The MAP policy has been established by Kato USA to help ensure the reputaton of Kato USA as a producer of precision railroad models ... while also helping to promote and maintain a healthier and more profitable retail environment."
Why does BLW adhere to MAP Pricing policy?
Kato states, "Intentional or repeated failure to abide by this policy will result in termination of dealership ... and the retailer will be prohibited access to purchasing future merchandise through Kato USA ..." Enough explanation?
So how much will an item cost?
Since we are not permitted to openly display pricing of new or recently introducted Kato product on our web page, we ask that you "enter our store" by clicking on the appropriate "Add" or "Reserve" button. This will add the item in question to your shopping cart. In your shopping cart you will find something like this:
Important ... please read these instructions below.

1. If the MAP priced item is an advance reservation, it will appear in the shopping cart similar to item KA-12345 shown above. It is marked "free" as a zero deposit reservation ... your card is not charged until the time of actual shipment.
2. PRICE INFORMATION. For advance reservation items, BLW's price will be shown in parenthesis after the item description. In the example above, BLW's price would be $22.50. Please be aware that if the Manufacturer's Suggested Rail Price (List Price) were to change, BLW's price would also be subject to change -- but the percentage of the discount given by BLW would be the same. If the MAP priced item were actually in stock, the price would be shown as it appears above on the Kato Mikado used above for illustration purposes.
3. Reserve or order the Item. To reserve or order the actual item, you would continue shopping, and then "Check Out Now" when ready to do so. If for any reason you decide not to purchase or order the item you would have the option of either adjusting the quantity to zero and then clicking the "change quantity" logo. If there were no other items in the cart, you could simply "Empty your cart" or abandon it.
4. For your records the confirmation email sent to you will include BLW's pricing info.

Products offered for sale on this web page are NOT TOYS
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