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Unitrak Track System
Track by Kato, Prices by Capt. Blaster
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Kato N Scale New North American Automatic Operating Crossing Gate complete w/sound, lights, power and sensors

New! This new offering is the "total package" complete with blinking LED lights, sounds and smooth operating crossing gates -- complete with sensor tracks. Even includes its own power box! DCC compatible.
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North American Automatic Crossing Gate
ITEM # KA-20652.1

List: $220

Double Track Attachment Set for Automatic Crossing Gate
ITEM # KA-20653

List: $78.00

Extension Cable for Sensor Track
ITEM # KA-20654

List: $9.50

IMPORTANT! If you don't use Unitrak, with a little extra effort you can still enjoy the new Automatic Crossing Gate. Kato offers their Snap-Track / Unitrak conversion track. 2 Pcs / Pkg.
You would need conversion tracks for both the crossing gate plus the sensor tracks (a total of 3 packages) for the basic configuration.
This is an in stock item. You can order it for shipment now (select the "Add" button option). Or you can reserve it now for shipment with the Automatic Crossing Gate when that ships. (Select the "Reserv" button).
Snap Track / Unitrak Conversion Track, 2/Pkg
ITEM # KA-20045

List: $3.00

Kato N Scale Double Track Single Crossovers

New! Double Track Single Crossovers now in stock!
Features Concrete Ties with the crossover area having Synthetic Resin Tie Appearance.
DCC friendly -- no modifications needed.
Compatible with all Kato Unitrak.
Built in electric turnout throws x 2, powered by standard #24-840 control switches.
#4 Left Hand Double Track Single Crossover
ITEM # KA-20230

LIST: $49.00

#4 Right Hand Double Track Single Crossover
ITEM # KA-20231

LIST: $49.00

Kato V Series Unitrak Sets

Replaces K2 Turnout Set

V1 Set: 2 Turnouts, Switch Controls, Straight Tracks
V2 Set: Truss Bridge, Viaduct Tracks, Piers, Straight Tracks
Kato V1 Passing Siding Set
ITEM # KA-20860

LIST: $80.00

Kato V2 Viaduct Track Set
Item # KA-20862

LIST: $110.00

Kato N Scale Unitrak Turnouts
#4 Left Hand Turnout w/19" Radius Curves
ITEM # KA-20220 - Includes tracks shown above

LIST: $37.50

#4 Right Hand Turnout w/19" Radius Curves
ITEM # KA-20221 - Right Hand version of above

LIST: $37.50

#6 Left Hand Turnout w/28 1/4" R. Curves
ITEM # KA-20202

LIST: $27.00

#6 Right Hand Turnout w/28 1/4" R. Curves
ITEM # KA-20203

LIST: $27.00

Double Crossover Track
ITEM # KA-20210 - 12 3/16"

LIST: $75.00

#2 Electric Wye Turnout with (19") R. Curves
ITEM # KA-20222 - 12 3/16"

LIST: $32.00

Kato N Scale Compact Track Series
Compact Unitrak Oval Set CV1
ITEM # KA-20890 - Includes Oval of track, re-railer, feeder track

List: $30.00

Compact Turnout Set
ITEM # KA-20891 - Includes 2 Turnouts plus items shown above

List: $78.00

Compact Unitrak Expansion Set CV3
ITEM # KA-20892 - Includes Semicircle, crossing, feeder track

List: $45.00

Kato Power Pack
Unitrak Power Pack
ITEM # KA-22014 - Click on "Camera" for photo / details.

LIST: $70.00

Kato N Scale Unitrak - Sections
Straight Track, 248 mm (4/pkg)
ITEM # KA-20000

LIST: $10.00

Straight Track, 186 mm
ITEM # KA-20010

LIST: $9.00

Straight Track, 124 mm
ITEM # KA-20020

LIST: $8.00

Straight Track, 64 mm (2/pkg)
ITEM # KA-20030

LIST: $3.75

Straight Track, 62 mm (4/pkg)
ITEM # KA-20040

LIST: $7.00

Feeder Track, 62 mm (1/pkg)
ITEM # KA-20041

LIST: $5.00

Conversion Track (1/pkg)
ITEM # KA-20045 - Transition from Atlas to Kato / Back

LIST: $3.00

Straight Track w/Bumper
ITEM # KA-20046

LIST: $7.50

Straight Track w/B Bumper
ITEM # KA-20047

LIST: $7.50

Expansion Track 78 - 108 mm
ITEM # KA-20050

LIST: $7.50

Curved Track, 45 Degree, 9-3/4 Inch
ITEM # KA-20100

LIST: $8.50

Curved Track, 15 Degree, 9-3/4 Inch
ITEM # KA-20101

LIST: $7.00

Curved Track, 45 Degree, 11 Inch
ITEM # KA-20110

LIST: $9.00

Curved Track, 15 Degree, 11 Inch
ITEM # KA-20111

LIST: $7.50

Curved Track, 45 Degree, 12-3/8 Inch
ITEM # KA-20120

LIST: $9.00

Curved Track, 15 Degree, 12-3/8 Inch
ITEM # KA-20121

LIST: $7.00

Curved Track, 30 Degree, 13-3/4 Inch
ITEM # KA-20130

LIST: $8.00

Curved Track, 45 Degree, 13-3/4 Inch
ITEM # KA-20132

LIST: $10.00

Turnout Control Switch
ITEM # KA-24840

LIST: $8.50

Kato N Scale Bridge Track

New Kato Double Track Plate Girder Bridge now available. Shown at left w/optional #23019 Dbl Track Pier.
Single Track Straight Viaduct Bridge, Gray
ITEM # KA-20410 - 7 5/16"

LIST: $9.50

Lt. Blue Double Track Plate Girder Bridge
ITEM # KA-20455

LIST: $20.98

Lt. Green Dbl Track Plate Girder Bridge
ITEM # KA-20456

LIST: $20.98

Gray Double Track Plate Girder Bridge
ITEM # KA-20457

LIST: $20.98

Black Double Track Plate Girder Bridge
ITEM # KA-20458

LIST: $20.98

Pier, 2 Inches, 5/Pkg
ITEM # KA-23014

List: $6.00

Double Track Pier
ITEM # KA-23019

LIST: $18.98

Kato N Scale Warren Trussed Catenary Poles

Set includes 6 sets with bases for ground level use and wire tensioner details. While not a 100% match, this is similar to the catenary poles used by the New Haven. Track is NOT included.
Double Track Warren Trussed Catenary Poles, Set of 6
ITEM # KA-23063

List: $20.00

Other Kato Unitrak Products ...
Are available from BLW at approximately 30% off List Price.
Track sets not listed -- 20% discount.
Products offered for sale on this web page are NOT TOYS
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