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Illustrations, technical information courtesy of Katousa.com

Prototype Information
The General Motors Locomotive Group (GMLG) Electro-Motive Division (EMD) SD70MAC is one of the most common locomotives plying the rails today. Originally introduced in late 1993 with an order for the Burlington Northern, the production now totals over 900 units, exceeding the combined production of the SD80MAC and SD90MAC locomotives by over 300 units.
Designed to be a solid locomotive to upgrade the Burlington Northern fleet, the SD70MAC has its origins in the SD60MAC design demonstrated on the BN.

At this time, the SD70MAC, in all of its versions, has been operated by six different railroads in a total of eight different paint schemes. The railroads that operate this locomotive span from East to West and from Mexico to Alaska! The locomotives are used to haul all kinds of freight, and even passenger trains (Alaska Railroad). For comparison, the SD80MAC has been operated in three paint schemes and the SD90MAC has been operated by three railroads in four paint schemes.

Model Features

Kato's all new SD-70 MAC's will feature...
Bright-white™ LED headlight.
Printed numberboards.
MU hose detail.
Magnetic knuckle couplers.
DCC Friendly--designed for simple installation of digital decoders.
These models will be equipped with all-wheel electrical pick-up and blackened metal wheels in trucks that replicate the HTCR Phase II trucks.
All models will be equipped with Kato's new profile blackened metal wheels (similar to those used on the smooth-running P42's).
All models are equipped with the powerful KATO five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels.
Roadname Information
  • Alaska Railroad
    When the Alaska Railroad ordered their SD70MAC locomotives for use on passenger and freight service, they were essentially an "add-on" to a pending BNSF order. In fact, the new Alaska Railroad paint scheme, which debuted on the SD70MAC, is based on the BN/BNSF Executive scheme! John Combs has put together an excellent website on Alaska Railroad history. Specific SD70MAC pages are here and here. The ARR SD70MACs were shipped by rail from Altoona, PA, through UP's Proviso Yard in Chicago, and all the way out to Seattle, WA for transfer to ship so they could be delivered to Alaska. During their trip across the lower 48 states, railfans flocked to the rails to catch a glimpse of ARR's newest power.

  • BNSF Heritage II Scheme
    The attractive BNSF Heritage II Scheme, also known as the "Premium Heritage Scheme," evolved from a special paint job applied to SD60M #9297. (Photos are available from The BNSF Photo Archive and BNSFpix.com.) This locomotive was painted in a slightly different scheme on both sides, and based on employee input, the Heritage II Scheme was developed! The original Heritage I scheme is still applied to standard cab locomotives, as shown on our previously produced SD40-2 Snoot Nose, however all wide cab locomotives now receive the Heritage II Scheme when repainted. Both the Heritage I and Heritage II Schemes are based on colors and logos from BNSF predecessor railroads.

  • TFM (Kansas City Southern Affiliate)
    Officially known as Grupo Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana, TFM assumed control of Mexico's Northeast Railway in June of 1997. It was the first railway to be privatized under Mexico's National Development Plan. TFM operates the primary rail route in northern Mexico linking Mexico City with Laredo, Texas, where over 50 percent of US-Mexico trade crosses the border. Union Pacific and BNSF both interchange with TFM in Laredo, Texas (BNSF by way of trackage right over another NAFTA railroad, the Texas-Mexican Railway). A joint venture of Transportacion Maritima Mexicana (TMM) and KCS with the Mexican government, TFM is providing a critical link in Kansas City Southern's NAFTA Railway. The locomotives wear the same paint scheme as other KCS family railroads and are capable of operating on any NAFTA Railway line. Additional information about TFM can be found on the TFM corporate website.

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EMD SD70 MAC's w/Nose Headlight
Alaska EMD SD-70 MAC, #4001
ITEM # KA-1766403

LIST: $105.00

BNSF Swoosh Logo Cab HL SD70MAC
ITEM # KA-1766309 - Road # 9839 -

LIST: $110.00

BNSF Swoosh Logo Nose HL SD70MAC
ITEM # KA-1766407 - Road # 8987 -

LIST: $105.00

BLW has been sold out of these since 10/1/07 ... we now have a limited number back in stock!
TFM EMD SD-70 MAC, #1602
ITEM # KA-1766405 - NAFTA Scheme

LIST: $105.00

TFM EMD SD-70 MAC, #1634
ITEM # KA-1766406- NAFTA Scheme

LIST: $105.00

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SD70M - click on photo for listing of all roads available in this series.

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