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New Version w/HTCR Ph 1 Trucks

Prototype Information
The General Motors Locomotive Group (GMLG) Electro-Motive Division (EMD) SD70MAC is one of the most common locomotives plying the rails today. Originally introduced in late 1993 with an order for the Burlington Northern, the production now totals over 900 units, exceeding the combined production of the SD80MAC and SD90MAC locomotives by over 300 units.
Designed to be a solid locomotive to upgrade the Burlington Northern fleet, the SD70MAC has its origins in the SD60MAC design demonstrated on the BN.

At this time, the SD70MAC, in all of its versions, has been operated by six different railroads in a total of eight different paint schemes. The railroads that operate this locomotive span from East to West and from Mexico to Alaska! The locomotives are used to haul all kinds of freight, and even passenger trains (Alaska Railroad). For comparison, the SD80MAC has been operated in three paint schemes and the SD90MAC has been operated by three railroads in four paint schemes.

Model Features

Kato's SD-70 MAC's will feature...
Bright-white™ LED headlight.
Printed and lighted numberboards.
MU hose detail.
Magnetic knuckle couplers.
Powerful 5 pole motor with dual brass flywheels and DCC friendly mechanism --designed for simple installation of digital decoders. See link below.
These models will be equipped with all-wheel electrical pick-up and blackened metal wheels in trucks that replicate the HTCR Phase I
All models will be equipped with Kato's new profile blackened metal wheels.
Additionally, the models will feature walkway-mounted, lighted ditch lights! Handrails will be made of a paintable material so modelers can easily add white end railings. Featuring a new bodyshell to correctly represent this version of the SD70MAC.
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EMD SD70 MAC's w/HTCR Ph I Trucks
Roadname Information
  • Burlington Northern
    As noted above in the Prototype History, the SD70MAC grew out of the EMD/BN SD60MAC demonstrators. The first SD70MAC was delivered to the BN in 1993 and established a standard locomotive type that remains a favorite on BNSF today. As the last new locomotives purchased by Burlington Northern, the SD70MAC has a special place in US Railroad History

  • BNSF Merger Scheme
    When the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroads announced that they would be merging, a special one-of-a-kind locomotive was released from the paint shop. This very special locomotive commemorated the merger in a unique way: the famous Santa Fe "Warbonnet" styling was painted using the attractive Burlington Northern "Executive" colors. The locomotive was a rolling "paint scheme merger!" As the only SD70MAC to ever wear a "Warbonnet" paint scheme, Kato is pleased to offer the locomotive in model form.

BN Executive SD-70 MAC, #9612
ITEM # KA-1766505 -

List: $105.00

BNSF Executive SD-70 MAC, rd #9830
ITEM # KA-1766301A - Green/White -

List: $105.00

Kato SD-70 MAC's also available in 2 other versions - click on photo
W/Nose Headlight
Original Version
Plus Kato SD-70Ms - click on photo
Union Pacific EMD SD70M
SD-70M's w/
Flared Radiators
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