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Maxi-IV 53' Double Stack Well Car Sets
In Stock!
  • MAXI-IV comes to N scale ...
  • This is the most commonly found Dbl Stack on the rails.
  • Check out the particulars below.
Prototype Information:
Intermodal Container service is one of the most popular types of freight service on the rails today.
The Maxi-IV car is the mainstay of the U.S. domestic double-stack car fleet.
BNSF took delivery of their first MAXI-IV's in 2000. Ongoing deliveries of this car have put the total in service on the BNSF roster in the thousands.
They can be seen on virtually any mainline railroad from coast to coast.
The Maxi-IV design provies the optimum balance between tare weight and capacity and have proven to be extremely reliable in service.
The Gunderson MAXI-IV is a 3-unit articulated double-stack car than can handle containers from 20' to 53' long in the well and from 40' to 57' in the top, or double-stacked position.
As a result of its versatility and sturdy construction, the MAXI-IV is now the mainstay of the US double stack fleet.

Model Features:
2011 New production run with newly retooled connection mechanism allows for improved durability and ease of connection!
The model will feature a metal injection-molded frame for improved traction coupled with extensive piping detail added.
Like the prototype, the model will feature 2 different sized wheels: the end trucks will have 33" scale wheels while the middle trucks will have 38" scale wheels.
Shock absorber construction will provide smooth operatoin. The KATO Kinematic trucks will maintain prototypical appearance on straight track and provide smooth operation through curved sections.
Cars will feature magnetic knuckle couplers.
6 53' containers will be available in each set, all with same road #.
Packaging designed for the separated storage of the articulated unit providing ease and security when not in use.
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Kato's New Run Well Cars - New Paint Schemes/Road Names

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Kato's TTX 3 Unit Maxi IV Well Car Sets

Price is for three (3) Maxi-IV AOK cars with 6 new CSX Magnetic Containers

AOK Maxi-IV w/CSX 53' Containers, rd #55358
ITEM # KA-1066170 -

LIST: $110

Price is for three (3) Maxi-IV BNSF cars with 6 new Swift Magnetic Containers
BNSF Swoosh Maxi-IV w/Swift 53' Containers, rd #25453
ITEM # KA-1066168 -

LIST: $110

Kato TTX Maxi-IV 3 Unit Set w/EMP Containers

Price is for three (3) Maxi-IV cars complete with six (6) magnetic containers!
TTX Maxi-IV w/EMP Containers, rd #732211
ITEM # KA-1066161 -

LIST: $110

TTX Maxi-IV w/EMP Containers, rd #732386
ITEM # KA-1066162 -

LIST: $110

Kato BNSF Maxi-IV 3 Unit Set w/BNSF Containers

BNSF Maxi-IV w/BNSF Containers, rd #253751
ITEM # KA-1066163 -

LIST: $110

BNSF Maxi-IV w/BNSF Containers, rd #253791
ITEM # KA-1066164 -

LIST: $110

Kato Pacer Maxi-IV w/Pacer Containers

Pacer Maxi-IV w/Pacer Containers, rd #6301
ITEM # KA-1066165

LIST: $110

Pacer Maxi-IV w/Pacer Containers, rd #6303
ITEM # KA-1066166

LIST: $110

Kato's BNSF Well Cars -- previous run w/CSX 53' Containers
Also see Kato's MAXI-I Series Well Cars
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