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N Scale GG-1 Electric
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Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric

The Broadway Limited now available!
Raymond Loewy designed, the Pride of the Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Railroad's GG1 class of electric locomotives were built between 1934 and 1943 at the PRR shops in Altoona, Pennsylvania, with a total of 139 units constructed. They remained in service with the PRR’s successors until the early 1980’s. The GG1 became one of the most recognized and famous classes of locomotives worldwide.

While the famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy did not design the shape of the GG1 electric locomotives, he did improve their looks by recommending the use of a smooth, welded construction instead of a riveted assembly, along with a pinstriped paint scheme to highlight their smoothly rounded forms; the "streamlined" style, evoking speedy travel, was popular at the time.

GG-1's and Broadway Limited Sets are in stock!

Model Features:
• Blackened metal Pantographs with three elevation levels (down, low, high)
• Designed to negotiate 249mm (9 3/4") radius S-Curve
• Powerful mechanism designed to pull a full Broadway Limited Consist up a 4% Grade
• Illuminated, directional Class Lights, Headlight and Number Boards
• DCC friendly mechanism.

New 16 Bit Drop-In Sound Decoder for GG-1
Now, for the first time from MRC, enjoy true 16 Bit Sound in N Scale.
Experience the difference!
16 Bit Sound Decorder for GG-1
ITEM # MRC-1952 - Best sound yet from MRC

LIST: $102.95

DCC Conversion for Kato N Scale Locos

Kato has adopted a MAP pricing policy so that prices may not be advertised. You can click on the "Map Pricing" logo above for an explanaton of what this means. To find BLW's price on these items, please click on the "Add" button below right.

Pennsylvania "Congressional Silver" GG-1

GG1 Pennsylvania Rail Road #4872 "Congressional Silver"
During the 50’s, the Pennsylvania’s “Congressional” trains which operated between New York and Washington D.C. were pulled by six different GG1 locomotives - three of which were painted into a special variation on the single stripe livery in 1955, sporting a silver coat and broad stripe. and marks a significant modification that will be done to this model in addition to the paint.

This is a Kato KOBO Limited Run Custom Production.

Pennsylvania Congressional Service GG-1, rd #4872
ITEM # KA-137-2022-KB -

LIST: $200

Conrail Bicentennial GG-1 Electric
Conrail Bicentennial GG-1

Conrail's Bicentennial GG-1 is now available in N-Scale! This loco was painted specially for the US Bicentennial celebrations in 1976 and sports a unique red, white and blue color scheme adorned with 50 stars on each side plus an image of the liberty bell and the Bicentennial '76 logo.

Pennsylvania Tuscan Red 5 Stripe GG-1, rd #4913
ITEM # KA-1372003 -

LIST: $149

Conrail Bicentennial GG-1, rd #4800
ITEM # KA-1372015 -

LIST: $160

Amtrak GG-1 Electric
Following their run on the Pennsylvania Railroad pulling the Broadway Limited, in the 1970’s many GG1’s continued on in their life running on the Penn Central and then Amtrak, pulling everything from freight to early Amtrak Superliners. Many of these locomotives continued to operate well into the 1980’s – their nearly 50 year lifespan a tribute to how powerful and effective this locomotive truly was.
Amtrak Black GG-1, rd #913
ITEM # KA-1372021 - In Stock

LIST: $139

Amtrak Black GG-1, rd #918
ITEM # KA-1372022 - In Stock

LIST: $139

Penn Central GG-1 Electric
Penn Central Black GG-1, rd #4885
ITEM # KA-1372023 - In Stock

LIST: $139

Penn Central Black GG-1, rd #4923
ITEM # KA-1372024 - In Stock

LIST: $139

Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric
Kato Pennsylvania Green Single Stripe GG-1
Pennsylvania Green Single Stripe GG-1, rd #4889
ITEM # KA-1372011 -

LIST: $139

Pennsylvania Green Single Stripe GG-1, rd #4929
ITEM # KA-1372012 -

LIST: $139

Kato Pennsylvania Green 5 Stripe GG-1
Click on camera for additional photo
Pennsylvania 5 Stripe Passenger GG-1, #4935
ITEM # KA-1372001 -

LIST: $140

Kato Pennsylvania Tuscan Red Single Stripe GG-1
New Paint Scheme - 1st time from Kato in N scale
Pennsylvania Tuscan Single Stripe GG-1, #4907
ITEM # KA-1372013 -

LIST: $139

Pennsylvania Broadway Limited Set
The Broadway Limited
Re-live some great moments in history in miniature with Kato’s “Broadway Limited” pulled by the
GG1. The “Broadway Limited” offered the finest in luxury travel between New York and Chicago. You had a choice of six types of private rooms ranging from cozy Roomette to luxurious Master Room with a private bath and shower. It also had an Observation-Lounge and Club-Lounge cars with game tables, magazines and refreshment buffets and a Master Dining Car that served food in the traditional “Broadway Limited” manner. The GG1 pulled this great train fast, smoothly, and quietly between New York and Harrisburg leaving New York in the evening at 6:00 P.M. or arriving in New York at 9:30 A.M. every day.
As the Broadway Lmtd often included a Santa Fe "run through" sleeper, Kato is offering the "Regal Spa" sleeping car for those who wish to model the complete 15 car consist.

Model Features:
• Specific interior and exterior details
• Observation car with a continuous lighted drumhead
• Note the red marker lights shown at left.
• All detail parts installed
• Optional Lighting Kit available -- see item 11209/11210 below
• DCC friendly
• Designed to be pulled by KATO “GG1”

The set is absolutely beautiful. Please click on the photo above for a link to Kato's page which
illustrates all of the cars in the set ... superb!

Kato has adopted a MAP pricing policy so that prices may not be advertised. You can click on the "Map Pricing" logo above for an explanaton of what this means. To find BLW's price on these items, please click on the "Add" button below right.

Pennsylvania Broadway Lmtd 10 Car Set
ITEM # KA-106068 -

LIST: $250.00

Pennsylvania Broadway Lmtd 4 Car Set
ITEM # KA-1067111 - In Stock

LIST: $100.00

ATSF 4-4-2 Sleeper "Regal Spa"
ITEM # KA-1560905 -

LIST: $25.00

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