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Alco RSD-4/5 Diesels
Check out these great features:
  • Directional Lighting
  • Full Pilots
  • Dual brass flywheels/Low friction mechanism
  • Body Mounted Accu-Mate™ magnetic knuckle couplers
  • Painted handrails (where appropriate)
  • Improved slower speed motor for closer to scale speed
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Special Offer ... only $7. Shipping
on RS-3 / RSD-4/5 advance reservations
Important Note: Atlas has announced a new run of their Alco RS-3's and RSD-4/5's for delivery in the 1st quarter of 2017. Your shopping cart will show a "free" zero deposit reservation. Your card will not be charged until time of actual shipment. A separate shipping/handlilng charge of only $7 maximlum for Prioirty Mail shipment will be added at the time the actual shipment is made. Sorry, but in stock items cannot be held for advance reservations to arrive.
Locos shown in "yellow" field strip are advance reservation items - 1st Qtr 2017
Alco RS-4/5 Diesels

Popular paint scheme returns with new road #'s
ATSF #2101 RSD-4/5
ITEM # AT-40 003 055 - Black/Silver "Zebra Stripe"


ATSF #2105 RSD-4/5
ITEM # AT-40 003 056 - Black/Silver "Zebra Stripe"


New paint scheme - 1st time from Atlas
C&O #5575 RSD-4/5
ITEM # AT-40 003 057 - Blue/Yellow "Simplified"


C&O #5580 RSD-4/5
ITEM # AT-40 003 058 - Blue/Yellow "Simplified"


New paint scheme - 1st time from Atlas
Milwaukee Rd #573 RSD-4/5
ITEM # AT-40 003 059 - Orange/Black


Milwaukee Rd #575 RSD-4/5
ITEM # AT-40 003 060 - Orange/Black


N Scale BEMF Decoders

BEMF and N Scale. N scale has always presented a challenge in the area of motor control due to the small size of the motor and flywheels. All this has changed with the introduction of TCS's new BEMF (BEMF = Back EMF / Load Compensation programming, built into the new TCS chips) which compensates for the small size of N motors/flywheels. TCS BEMF provides outstanding slow speed control for N. TCS's new advanced BEMF automatically adjusts for optimum control through all speed ranges.
New CN Classic Decoder has been designed to fit inside the Atlas RS series of locos. Two small boards connected by wire (factory connected) replace the "headlight" PC boards on each end of the OEM frame. You need to "isolate" the motor and solder a wire attachment ... that's it. The result is a full function DCC loco (all the features of TCS's regular decoders) plus the added performance benefits of the new BEMF control. If you click on the PC board photos above, TCS shows complete install details on this simple conversion. Highly recommended. Your classic Atlas RS series of locos have never un so well! We expect that this new decoder will also fit other split frame N scale locos.

Train Control Systems CN Decoder for Atlas
CN-GP Classic Decoder for locos not DCC ready
BEMF Decoder Converts old style Atlas GP-Series
Train Control Systems ASD-4 Decoder
ASD - Atlas Short-Length Decoder, features drop-in installation and TCS exclusive auto-adjusting BEMF
ASD-4 BEMF Drop-In Decoder for new DCC Ready Atlas GP7, 9, 30 and 35
CN Classic Decoder for locos not DCC ready
BEMF Decoder Converts Atlas RS-Series Locos
RSD-4/5 Coupler Conversions
1015/16 Kit or 1015-1 Built-Up Version to replace AccuMate Couplres
Click on Micro-Trains Logo above for coupler listing.
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